Frequently Asked Questions


Do you show REAL PORN at your festival?

No, but sometimes yes.  Darryl’s Hard Liquor and Porn Film Festival shows funny short films about sex.  We are not afraid to show films with sexual content we just like them to be hilarious. We also love films that are creative and artsy as well as sexy.  If you get turned on by comedy that’s your business.  Our films are made by independent filmmakers, animators, comedians, musicians, students etc. Sometimes we show creative films made by pornstars or ‘adult’ film producers.


We want films that are 5 minutes or less. Any genre is acceptable. The film should be about sex or something related. We show live action short films, animation, music videos even mobile phone movies. Click here for detailed submission rules

Is there a dress code for the festival?

For years we’ve had a PORN STAR dress code. People like to dress up like porn stars or rock stars ( same thing in my opinion ). The dress code is not mandatory but we like to encourage it because it’s fun damn it!

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A Comedy Film Festival about SEX
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