The 69 Hour Film Challenge.

The 69 Hour Film Challenge has BEGUN!

The Secret List …

  1. Life-changing photographs.
  2. A wardrobe malfunction.
  3. The line “Who’s been a bad kitty?”
  4. A tattoo.
  5. A plastic gun or a gun carved out of soap.
  6. A hand bra.
  7. A one eyed monster.
  8. Answering a banana.
  9. Morse code.
  10. A broken lighter.
You now have 69 hours to make a funny short film about SEX. You must use at least 3 of the 10 items in your film. The deadline for films is This Sunday at 6PM.
If you would like to register for the challenge go to $500 CASH PRIZE FOR BEST FILM!


A Comedy Film Festival about SEX
Short Film - Music Video - Animation